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Mr. Topper's Original Frosted Popcorn

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Taste: This very colorful mix of coated popcorn contained several very bright colors, so it looked very candy-like and tempting. The level of coating varied from piece to pieces, but it seemed consistent within any given color, as some colors — in particular, the blue, teal blue and red pieces — were coated almost entirely, while most of the others ones had much sparser coatings. One of the big questions around snacks like this prior to crunching in is whether the colors mean anything in terms of flavor, or are nothing more than colors. We crunched in to some kernels to find a very nice crispness and soft feel to the popcorn, with flavors that did indeed vary based on the color. For example, we could taste some grape in the purple ones and chocolate in the brown ones — but they were not strong flavors. Based on the label, we figured out that the bright red ones were supposed to be cinnamon, and indeed we could taste some, but hardly any. Stronger flavors would have been better, but even the subtle colors, combined with nice texture, made for a very good mix here, albeit one that left behind some sticky fingertips. Tasty, crunchy and quite good.

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Aroma: Mildly sweet smell, maybe remotely fruity, but couldn't really pick out any individual fruit scents.

Mr. Topper's Original Frosted Popcorn

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"Taste the Difference!" ... "Ingredients for caramel corn: Popcorn, Corn Syrup Solids, Brown/White Sugar, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Caramel Flavouring, Cane Caramel Color. Nutritional statement is based on using Cherry Pink #2521, Chocolate #2523, Grape #2522, Blue Raspberry #2524, Caramel #2525 and Red Cinnamon #2526 Caramel Mix to create finished product. (Flavours may vary)"

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