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Fiddle Faddle Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts

Fiddle Faddle Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts

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Taste test: This box contained a foil bag filled with fairly large, round-ish kernels with a heavy coating of caramel. On first glance, I didn't see any peanuts. I crunched into my first few kernels to find that the caramel coating didn't feel as heavy as it looked, as it generally had a light crispness to go along with some very nicely crisp kernels. There was still plenty of caramel to taste, and it was really quite good. Some of the kernels were stuck together into clusters, and some of the clusters had peanuts attached, but most clusters and individual kernels did not. So there weren't all that many peanuts. The best things were the excellent caramel taste and the crispness of the kernels. The only negative was that the caramel coating left lots of sugary residue on the fingertips.

Aroma: Good caramel smell, peanutty too.

Manufacturer: Lincoln Snacks Company

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From the package: "It is a Mouthful of Fun!" ... "Treat your family to real snacking fun with Fiddle Faddle® Caramel Popcorn. Each kernel perfectly popped popcorn is mixed with delicious roasted jumbo peanuts and glazed with our scrumptious Carmel coating."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollar Tree. Review published .

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