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Chia Pop Classic Theater Style

Chia Pop Classic Theater Style

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Taste test: This popcorn had an off-white color generally, with lots of super-tiny bits of seasoning scattered very thinly across the surfaces. We were expecting a buttered popcorn, or at least one flavored to taste like it, based on the "Theater Style" name, as this is generally the convention in the popcorn industry. We crunched in to find a nice taste, but it was only very, very subtly butter-like. Instead, it was lightly seasoned, apparently with things other than butter, and it still tasted quite good. However, if you were to buy this hoping for it to taste like when you went to the multiplex and asked for lots and lots of butter from the butter-on-tap machine, it could be very far from what you hoped to get.

Aroma: Fairly strong smell, not like regular popcorn or butter, could be the chia seeds.

Manufacturer: LesserEvil Brand Snack Co.

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From the package: "Just like you remember" ... "The world's most perfect organic popcorn" ... "Made with chia seed" ... "Popcorn is the snacking world's super-food. Enter Chia: loaded with antioxidants, hunger satisfying protein, Omega 3's (ALA) and a big boost of tummy friendly fiber. Chia Pop has your back. But not just your back — your mouth, your tummy, your heart, and your brain just to name a few. This powerhouse snack packs 5 grams of dietary fiber and 3 grams of protein in every serving. All that with just 38 calories per cup!"

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