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Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink Popcorn

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Taste: This popcorn had generally an off-white color, and the kernels were on the large side. The Himalayan pink salt that was used apparently didn't affect the color of the finished product, at least not in a way that give it any sort of pink appearance.

We crunched in to find a good crispness and a very lightly salty popcorn taste, with an occasional hint of coconut. The low salt level made the first few bites slightly bland, but it was good enough that we proceeded to eat more handfuls, and when we did, the level of flavor did increase to a very nice level, with a slightly buttery taste. Tasty and good.

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Aroma: Kind of mildly coconut-like and sweet.

Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink Popcorn

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From the package

"Organic Popcorn + Organic Coconut Oil + Himalayan Pink Salt" ... "Ingredients as pure as the Himalayas" ... "Non GMO Project Verified" ... "The ancient parable says that when the Buddha Bowl broke it became a vehicle to awaken human potential and find one's true self. Today it also means choosing simple and pure foods, eating in moderation and sharing in food and love. This whole food snack is a proprietary blend of three ingredients. Organic popcorn, Prganic coconut oil and Pink Himalayan Mountain Salt. Popcorn is the snacking world's superfood; whole grain, loaded with antioxidants and gluten-free. Coconut oil is famous for its unique combination of fatty acids and purity. And finally Himalayan salt, eat something that is 250 million years old that has the same 84 essential minerals and elements of the human body."

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