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Uncle Bud's Cajun Deep Fried Peanuts

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Taste: Until I found this bag, I had never even though about the concept of deep-frying an in-shell peanut, nor eating an entire peanut along with its shell. But the bag said you could, and I did it. (I'll add that the reason given on the bag for being able to eat the whole thing seemed unconvincing. If it had something to do with being deep-fried, or if it were just a little-known fact that all peanut shells can actually be eaten, that could make sense. But it just said they're "so good" that you can. I couldn't follow the logic.) I was a bit surprised to find that the shells were not difficult to eat. Obviously, the shells had a vasty different texture than the nuts, but it was one I quickly adjusted to and didn't feel any sharp edges or suffer any ill effects. However, the experience was quite a bit different from eating regular nuts because the taste of the nuts was diluted quite a bit by the less-tasty shells. The cajun seasoning affected the taste as well, adding some nice spices with a kick that varied in strength from piece to piece. We shared these with many snackers as they enjoyed some beers; nearly everyone was willing to eat the shells, and absolutely everyone liked what they tasted. We had a brand-new snacking experience with these, and it ended up being a very good one.

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Aroma: Mild peanut smell. Almost more like peanut oil than peanuts.

Uncle Bud's Cajun Deep Fried Peanuts

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From the package

"... so good, you can eat them shell-n-all" ... "Ingredients: peanuts salt, red pepper and other spices, garlic and silicon dioxide (to prevent caking), soybean oil."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Moon Pie General Store, Charleston, SC. Review published .

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