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Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters Bacon Maple

Snackle Mouth Granola Nut Clusters Bacon Maple

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Taste test: We're sampled quite a few types of granola and trail mixes over the years, as well as many snacks that either contain bacon or taste like they do. But this was the first one we've heard of that combined bacon the granola. Most of the clusters in the clear bag inside this box were centered around almonds, with much smaller things stuck to them. I bit into a few clusters to find that the almonds were soft and dominated the taste, with the rest being mostly oats and various sweeteners (though not particularly maple). As for the bacon, it seems this bacon/granola combo was not meant to be: Bacon might have been there, and the ingredients said it was, but I couldn't taste any bacon at all. Not a bad mix, especially if you like almonds, but the search for a granola-and-bacon snack will have to continue.

Aroma: Can smell lots of maple (nice!) but not any bacon.

Manufacturer: Big Mouth Snack LLC

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From the package: "In Latin it means love; or another word for Perfecto. If you guessed Bacon, you were correct-umundo! Bite-sized chunks of real Bacon with simple notes of Maple baked together in our signature snack clusters — all that's missing is your momma holding a skillet."

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