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Snack To Go Garlic Peanuts

Snack To Go Garlic Peanuts

Taste: The word "garlic" is sometimes a turn-off, so even among our tasters who had recently enjoyed Snack To Go's wasabi peanuts, some people were not enthusiastic about trying these. However, that all changed as soon as people were convinced to give them a try, as the large, beige-colored spheres ended up impressing all who crunched in. The peanuts were coated with starch and then seasoned with garlic, and they had a light feel, yet a loud, satisfying crunch, and they tasted great. The garlic wasn't super-strong, and it mixed well with the peanuts, as the nut taste still dominated. The cute, transparent can ended up empty very quickly. Excellent!

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Aroma: Mostly like peanuts, not much garlic

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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