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The Gilded Nut No. 4 Sea Salt + Pepper

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Taste: These pistachios came in wide-open shells, with just a little black pepper visible on most pieces, even after shaking up the clear bag quite vigorously (as recommended on the box) since most of the pepper returned right to the bottom bottom of the bag. We pulled open some shells and crunched into the nuts to find that in terms of pepper, the taste matched the looks: lots of pistachio flavor (and really good pistachio flavor, we should add) but just the slightest hint of black pepper. The minuscule amount of black pepper, along with some salt, probably did help to bring out the pistachio flavor, but it didn't provide the salt & pepper taste that many snacks have. Still, these were really tasty pistachios.

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Aroma: Mild but fresh black pepper smell.

The Gilded Nut No. 4 Sea Salt + Pepper


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Gilded Nut Snack Co.

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"These small babies taste like a million bucks. hint: Shake the box and suck the shell for an explosion of flavor." ... "Our nuts are an antioxidant superfood." ... "Ingredients: Pistachios, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cracked Black Pepper, Sea Salt.

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