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Michigan Brand Smoked Bites Pork & Kangaroo

Michigan Brand Smoked Bites Pork & Kangaroo

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Taste test: We bought this bag of jerky along with a pork-and-alligator version for the same reason of munching on an animal that was a little out of the ordinary. (It wasn't the first time we reviewed kangaroo meat, as the previous one not only came from Australia, but was strictly a kangaroo product, not bringing any pork into the mix.)

Just like the alligator ones, these were cut into rectangular pieces and had a dark purple/brown color. They also had the same soft feel and a nice tangy flavor, so they were quite good. The only real difference we could notice was that the alligator ones had a hot aftertaste, while these did not, but that likely had to do with the added Cajun BBQ flavoring used in the other kind, rather than the choice of animal.

Aroma: Fairly standard jerky smell.

Manufacturer: Michigan Brand, Inc

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From the package: "Our famous recipe for flavoring in jerky, hams, or wild gam was created in our smoke houses in the north woods of Michigan. Each year we smoked for our friends and family the moistest and best tasting products available. This process of improving our recipes is called chasing the taste."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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