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photo of Farmer's Crate Pineapple Thins

Farmer's Crate Pineapple Thins

Farmer's Crate Pineapple Thins

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Taste test: These pineapple chips were cut very thin, much like Farmer's Crate's Apple Thins, and most pieces included the full profile of the pineapple. They looked really nice. We crunched in to find that they felt even thinner than they looked, with some great pineapple flavor with a middling level of sweetness. They were cut so thin that the pineapple flavor was a bit subdued by the relatively small amount of fruit in each piece. We shared these with lots of snackers, and everyone was a huge fan — they loved the crisp, light texture and the taste.

The whole bag was just 90 calories, with about 10 full pieces plus some fragments. The nutrition label said the whole bag is one serving, but you could easily spread it out over several snacks, and the bag's Ziploc-style closure would make it easy to keep these fresh if you did. Our if you share these around like we did, you might see the bag become empty fairly quickly.

Aroma: Smells like pineapple juice.

Manufacturer: Farmer's Crate LLC

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From the package: "Baked" ... "Sweet & Crispy" ... "90 Calories • 0g Trans Fat • Cholesterol Free" ... "Farmer's Crate Pineapple Thins are made from the finest hand-picked fruits. Our unique method of cutting the fruit in thin layers in baking it to perfection, produces the most delicate and crispy natural pineapple chips. " ... "Ingredients: Pineapples and sugar."

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