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Farmer's Crate Apple Thins

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Taste: These apple chips had a much different appearance than other ones we've tried, as they were very flat, unlike the typical wiggly shapes. They were also quite big, and most of the pieces actually looked like cross-sections of apple. The insides of the chips had mostly a beige color with a reddish tint, plus some reddish streaks and spots, and the skin around the edges was reddish brown, very dark. We crunched in to find that the chips were extremely thin, with a great crispness and lots of sweet apple taste. The chips felt very light, as the whole apple slice sort of melted away in the mouth, and yet they were really quite packed with flavor. Many other apple chips aren't quite so sweet, and we noticed in the ingredients that there was sugar added (for a total of two ingredients). We could taste a bit of that sugar, but the effect wasn't overly sweet, so mostly we could taste lots of apple. The snackers with whom we shared these quickly became huge fans, as people really raved about the taste and texture and wanted to know where they could buy some.

Shop: Buy Farmer's Crate fruit snacks at Amazon.com

Aroma: Strong apple smell, sweet, like apple pie.

Farmer's Crate Apple Thins

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"Baked" ... "Sweet & Crispy" ... "Farmer's Crate Apple Thins are made from the finest hand-picked fruits. Our unique method of cutting the fruit in thin layers in baking it to perfection, produces the most delicate and crispy natural apple chips. " ... "Ingredients: Apple and sugar."

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