Beyond Cereal Protein Bar Waffle Flavored

Beyond Cereal Protein Bar Waffle Flavored

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Taste: When I saw this bar described as both a cereal bar — and waffle-flavored one at that — and a protein bar, I was skeptical, as protein bars tend to be on the dense side, with a sand-like texture. But when I opened it, it looked more like a crisp rice-based granola bar, with a partial coating of something tan and sugary-looking on top. I bit in to find that the texture was not too far from that type of granola bar. It did taste reasonably like a waffle with syrup, though with some odd sweetness in the aftertaste. Still, pretty good.

If I had read the wrapper more thoroughly before buying or opening it, I would not have eaten this at all. On the back, underneath the flap, was the list of ingredients, plus an explanation of what Allulose is that was as long as the ingredient list. Short story is that Allulose is a non-digestible sugar. There was no mention of Allulose on the front of the wrapper, but there was a mention of "Net carbs" that maybe should have tipped me off.

Aroma: Fairly sweet, somewhat maple-like.

Manufacturer: Quest Nutrition, LLC

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From the package: "110 calories" ... "No gluten containing ingredients" ... "3g net carbs" ... "6g fiber" ... "12g protein" ... "Allulose is a low calorie monosaccharide that contributes 0.4 calories per gram. The FDA requires all monosaccharides to be counted in the 'sugars' section of the Nutrition Facts Panel even though Allulose isn't metabolized like other sugars. There are 8 grams of Allulose in this product which contributes less than 4 calories per bar."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Wegmans. Review published .

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