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AllerEnergy Allergen-Free Nutrition Bar Chocolate Chip

AllerEnergy Allergen-Free Nutrition Bar Chocolate Chip

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Taste test: The label on this bar sure focused on what isn't in the bar, with a long list of things that it does not contain. So I bit in to figure out what it does contain. The taste was quite a bit different from any other energy bar I've tried, so I looked at the ingredients and saw that the primary ones were crisp bown rice, puffed millet (no idea what that is), amaranth, golden flax seed and millet seed. Mixed in with all of that was some chocolate chips. The taste was not completely revolting or anything, but it was still just borderline edible, with a strange taste and a weird texture. If you like the taste of millet, flax and amaranth, or if you have lots of allergies, this might be for you, but there are probably some very good taste-related reasons that other bars do use those ingredients that this one does not.

Aroma: Just a slight chocolate smell, mostly like oats and stuff.

Manufacturer: AGS Foods, LLC

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From the package: "NO Peanuts, NO Gluten, NO Eggs, NO Milk or Daily, NO Soy, NO Tree Nuts, NO Shellfish, NO Corn" ... "Safe, Optimal Performance — Carbs & protein for a boost of energy, designed for food allergy athletes & active individuals."

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