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photo of 88 Acres Chocolate & Sea Salt Farm Raised Bar

88 Acres Chocolate & Sea Salt Farm Raised Bar

88 Acres Chocolate & Sea Salt Farm Raised Bar

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Taste test: The "Chocolate & Sea Salt" description on the wrapper of this bar had me expecting some sort of chocolate-based bar, but I opened it to find that it looked more like a granola bar with some small chocolate chips. But in terms of color, it was definitely not your typical granola bar. A look at the ingredients revealed that the bar was made from various seeds, oats and dark chocolate.

I bit in to find a soft, moist feel, just a little bit gritty (maybe from the oats) with a nice mildly sweet taste. It didn't look like there was that much chocolate in relation to the other stuff, but there actually was a lot of chocolate to taste, and the chocolate mixed well with the various seeds. It tasted quite good.

Aroma: Sweet mix of fruit and bit of chocolate.

Manufacturer: 88 Acres

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From the package: "Growing up on an 88-acre farm sparked my passion for healthy, real food. Having a husband with severe food allergies helped me understand the challenges of finding food that is safe, healthy, and delicious. To make things easier for our house, and yours, we've created delicious, healthy snacks, free of the most common allergens."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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