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Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods Snack Box to Go! Traditional Hummus Sea Salt Pita Chips

Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods Snack Box to Go! Traditional Hummus Sea Salt Pita Chips

Taste: This version of the Wild Garden hummus-and-something-to-dip-in-it box had a small bag of smallish, rectangular items labeled as "Pita Chips," in addition to the same tube of hummus included with the other varieties. Even though the bag was small, it contained quite a lot of the chips. The "chips" looked like crackers and came in various shades of beige, with some seeds embedded inside.

I crunched in to find that they didn't feel much like your typical pita chips — there was a bit of a rice cracker feel, plus a very strong crunch. The crackers worked well for dipping into the hummus, and both tasted good. Unlike the nicely balanced Multi-seeds Crackers box, but much like the Veggie Chips box, the were far more chips than could reasonably be used to dip into the amount of hummus provided.

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Aroma: Strong hummus smell, strange smell from the pita chips.

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From the package

"For centuries, the culture of the Mediterranean region has valued flavor and wholesome goodness in its foods. Wild Garden understands how important healthy, flavorful foods are to you and your family. What's more, the Snack Box to Go! you're holding makes it possible for active, health-conscious people to enjoy our distinctive foods."

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