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Captain's Wafers Smoke House Cheddar

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Taste: This package contained six cracker sandwiches, each consisting of two square Captain's Wafers crackers and a thin, dark orange-colored filling. The crackers were very crisp and tasty, and the cheese layer was very tasty, with a good smoky cheddar flavor. Unfortunately, the cheese layer was quite thin, but the cheese taste was generally strong enough to mix well with the crackers. Cheese coverage varied from one sandwich to the next, as the best one had near-100% cheese coverage, but some were lacking cheese coverage in some areas, which weakened the cheese sensation somewhat.

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Aroma: Very nice smoky cheddar smell.

Captain's Wafers Smoke House Cheddar

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"Real Wisconsin cheddar" ... "0g Trans Fat"

This snack was discovered by "Senator" Dick Kennedy. Review published .

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