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Cheez-It Grooves Sharp White Cheddar

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Taste: This version of Cheez-Its boasted "grooves" to set it apart from the original, but that wasn't the only change, nor even the most noticeable one.

When we opened the box, we saw that the crackers were rectangles rather than squares, larger in area than regular Cheez-Its, slightly wider than high, and rather than having just one hole in the center, they also had eight smaller holes surrounding that one. The holes were not arranged in a square, but rather they formed sort of a circle — so that was kind of cool, as it looked kind of like a clock, except with the wrong number of hours. The Grooves did indeed have some grooves, running parallel to the longer edges, but the grooves were very subtle ones, especially on the bottom side (the side where the holes were not drilled from), which was nearly flat.

We crunched in to find a much harder crunch than normal Cheez-Its, but still a good crispness. They didn't have that signature crumbly Cheez-It feel. The whole thing was thinner and denser than regular Cheez-Its. The change of texture made this a very different experience. The grooves were so insignificant that they seemed quite irrelevant to that change. The common denominator was that there was a whole lot of cheese. The end result was very good, as these earned very high praise from a bunch of beer-drinking snackers.

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Aroma: Mild white cheddar smell, but also like Cheez-Its.

Cheez-It Grooves Sharp White Cheddar

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"crispy cracker chips" ... "Made with 100% real cheese" ... "Best of Cheez-It and a chip in one"

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