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Bible Bread with Onion & Poppy

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Taste: These small, round crackers were each about an inch in diameter and had ruffled edges and a pattern of seven holes, with various shades of beige on the surfaces plus small some bits of green embedded into the dough. Based on the description on the bag, this was supposed to be unleavened, kind of like matzo (though, curiously, they didn't use the word matzo). We crunched in to find that it was quite dense, which seemed to make the unleavened part ring true, and it actually did taste a lot like matzo. The bits of onion and poppy gave a slight change to the matzo taste, and the shape was quite different than the convention sheets of matzo, but it still did taste a lot like matzo. Nothing we'd go out of our way to eat (as with matzo) but not bad.

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Aroma: Mildly oniony.

Bible Bread with Onion & Poppy

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From the package

"Gourmet Crispbread" ... "Bible Bread® is inspired by a 3,000 year old baking tradition. The Israelites, in their exodus from Egypt, prepared unleavened bread to sustain them in their hurried journey to freedom. To the traditional recipe we have added biblical seasonings and herbs, to create the delicious flavors of Bible Bread®."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Tony's Country Life, Brooklyn. Review published .

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