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Watermelon Oreo

Watermelon Oreo

Taste: This odd flavor of Oreos consisted of blonde-colored cookies with the standard Oreo designs on the exteriors, separated by a filling that was split between green and red. The green was a bit dull compared to a bright watermelon exterior, while the red was a closer match the the inside of a watermelon, but still somewhat dull. When it's a hot summer day and you're thirsty, there are few things better than a cold juicy slice of watermelon, right? That's why we all crave watermelon, and that's probably why the Oreo folks decided to make this flavor. We crunched in to find a taste that was reasonably watermelon-like. Eating a dry Oreo cookie is nothing like the experience of eating actual watermelon, but when we offered these to a large group of snackers, most were still big fans of the taste. The package went from full to empty very quickly, with much praise and few complaints.

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Aroma: Not much like watermelon. But not much like anything else either, very weak aroma.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Target. Review published .

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