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Turmix Chocolate

Turmix Chocolate

Taste: These square cookie sandwiches were fairly large, measuring about 1-3/4 inches on each side. Most of the sandwiches had a sort of lizard-looking thing on one of the external cookie faces, with the words "Super Agilidade" beneath the artwork, and the Turmix logo on the opposite side. Some others had Turmix on both sides, and one sandwich featured the superhero-looking guy from the package (who looked kind of like one of the characters in The Incredibles) with the words "Super Velocidad." The cookies were fairly thick, as was the chocolate filling, but the filling didn't spill out of the edges or even come very close.

The taste was OK, but really not all that chocolatey for a chocolate sandwich. The cookies tasted kind of like butter cookies, and the chocolate filling was nothing special.

I pulled open a few sandwiches to find that the filling was consistently round, thus explaining why it didn't come near the edges. (Then, of course, I combined two of the individual cookies with filling attached while discarding the non-filling ones, to make a double-stuffed sandwich! But even then, not as chocolatey as I would have liked.)

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Aroma: Mild chocolate smell.

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