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Halloween Joe Joe's Cookies

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Taste: This version of the Joe Joe's cookies from Trader Joe's replaced the white filling of their original Oreo knockoffs with an orange one and gave the cookies' external faces smiling Jack-o-Lantern designs, with some of the orange filling showing through some of the eye, nose and mouth holes. The really cool thing was that it wasn't all the same Jack-o-Lantern, but rather, there were five different entertaining designs in the mix.

Despite the pumpkin designs, this was actually one of the rare items sold at TJ's this time of year that wasn't pumpkin flavored. It was just an orange colored vanilla creme, but it tasted good and went well with the chocolate cookies. The box contained a tray holding three rows of 11 sandwiches each — that's a lot of cookies — and each one was a bit bigger than an Oreo! Very good.

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Aroma: Mild chocolate smell.

Halloween Joe Joe's Cookies

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From the package

"Chocolate Pumpkin Faced Cookies with our signature Vanilla Bean Cream" ... "Goblins abound in scary places/perfect time for pumpkin faces/crunchy orbs of chocolate hue/try to eat just one, yes, DO!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Trader Joe's. Review published .

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