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Sando Biscuit Choco Flavour

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Taste: This box contained eight individual foil packs, each with a color scheme similar to the box and containing two sets of round sandwich cookies. The beige cookie outside of each one had a design that looked sort of like a stylized representation of the sun, with the Sando logo in the center of the sun. The filling between the two cookies was a very light chocolate color. I poured myself some cold milk and crunched into my first sandwich to find that the cookies had a surprisingly light and crumby texture, a lot like Ritz Crackers. That's not the usual texture for sandwich cookies, particularly ones with chocolate filling, but it turned out to be really great. The buttery taste of the cookies went well with the chocolate, and the light feel of the cookies helped to get them out of the way to taste the chocolate. We shared these with lots of snackers, and people were huge fans!

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Aroma: Nice chocolate smell.

Sando Biscuit Choco Flavour

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Crown Confectionery Co., Ltd. (Korea)

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"Since 1961" ... "Natural Story"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at H Mart, Cambridge/Burlington, Massachusetts. Review published .

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