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Original Oreo (Indonesia)

Original Oreo (Indonesia)

Taste: We discovered this box of Indonesia-made Oreos alongside another dubbed Mildly Sweet Oreo. This one itself didn't seem all that notable on its face, but a direct comparison against the Mildly Sweet ones seemed in order, and while we're at it, we might as well see if there's a difference between the North American-made original Oreos and this Asian version.

The square-profile box looked to contain one stack of Oreos. And indeed it did, but the first surprise when we opened it was that it wasn't filled directly with Oreos, nor with a simple clear plastic bag holding the stack of cookies. Instead, there was a shelf-worthy foil tube that appeared to meet the same labeling requirements as the box — except with different languages. The tube included Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese; the box was in Chinese and English.

The tube contained 14 sandwiches, and they looked just like what we expect Oreos to look like. We crunched in to find a taste that seemed the same and texture that was close but not quite the same. The feel was a little less brittle than what we know as Oreos, so the crunch was different, but the experience was still quite recognizable as Oreos. What about the Mildly Sweet ones? Read that review!

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Aroma: Regular Oreos smell, nice.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Super 88, Boston. Review published .

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