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Oreo Triple Double

Oreo Triple Double

Taste: This version of Oreos broke the mold quite a bit, as the most basic characteristics of an Oreo — two cookies with a creme filling — were thrown out in favor of a whopping three cookies and two creme fillings. So it was sort of like a Big Mac ... without beef patties or buns, of course! As if two layers of filling were not enough, they were two different fillings: one the standard Oreo white creme, and the other a chocolate creme. All of those dramatic changes aside, the most obvious change upon grabbing my first Triple Double out of the tray was how thick the extra cookie and creme layer made it — it was impressively different than a regular Oreo. I crunched in to find mostly the standard Oreos taste, but I could taste the difference of the chocolate creme. The addition of chocolate to 50% of the creme didn't make a huge difference, as there was already lots of chocolate from the cookies in original Oreos, so the bigger change to the experience here was just having the extra cookie and extra creme layer. Very good, a big hit among our snackers!

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Aroma: Smells like regular Oreos, which is to say, very good.

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