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Mildly Sweet Oreo

Mildly Sweet Oreo

Taste: We bought this unusually named variation on Oreos, made in Indonesia, alongside a much less unusual one that was also made there but was labeled as Original Oreo. One odd thing about the other was that the wrapper inside the box appeared to meet all of the requirements to be the outer packaging, but in three different languages than the box) It wasn't that way for this one — the inner foil tube wrapper had a whole bunch of Oreo logos (just "Oreo" — not "Mildly Sweet Oreo") and nothing else, so it probably wouldn't meet labeling requirements in the absence of the box.

So how did this "Mildly Sweet" recipe affect the taste and texture? We crunched in to find that whereas the "Original" had a crunch that seemed less brittle than the North American-made Oreos, these actually crunched the same as the "original original" ones. Comparing labels against Original, these had less sugar (30g vs. 38g per 100g) but more calories (489 vs 481). We did notice a different in taste. They tasted less creamy and less chocolatey than the Original, but they still essentially matched the taste of Oreos, just less intensely. Typical Oreo knockoffs don't quite hit the same flavor profile, but these still seemed like Oreos, just less sweet, as expected.

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Aroma: Definitely less intense than the standard Oreos, but not qualitatively different.

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Mondelez Indonesia Manufacturing (Indonesia)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Super 88, Boston. Review published .

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