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Fruts Sabor Fresa

Fruts Sabor Fresa

Taste: This package contained eight round cookie sandwiches, each a bit wider than a regular Oreo. The cookies had a light beige color, with a swirly-looking pattern and eight holes in each surface. The filling appeared to be super-thick, and from the outside, it nearly was all white, with just the slightest amount of red showing through along some of the cookie edges. There was a coconut-looking texture on the outside of the filling.

I grabbed a sandwich and bit in to find that the cookies had a soft feel — no crunch — and the filling had kind of a marshmallow texture, with some strawberry filling along the edge of one of the cookies. I couldn't taste or feel any coconut, so that must have been an illusion. I liked the flavor and texture a whole lot! The label said that the package contained 3.5 servings (each consisting of about 2.3 cookies ... who does that?) but I found them to be so good that managed to eat the whole thing in fairly short order.

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Aroma: Mild sweet strawberry smell.

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"Hecho en México"

This snack was discovered by Cindy Chen in Cancun. Review published .

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