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Football Shaped Oreo

Football Shaped Oreo

Taste: A few years back, Nabisco brought us the original Football Oreos as round Oreos with football-related designs on one cookie out of each sandwich. This product had the same "Football Oreo" name on the package, but it wasn't the same, as they went one better and made the cookies in the shape of a football. They again varied the designs from one sandwich to the next, as one side always had the football stitches, while the opposite side used five different designs: a helmet with the Football Oreo logo; the phrase "Lick the Competition!"; the word "Touchdown!"; the words "Field Goal" with a goal post and Oreo football between the uprights; and a quarterback, wearing an Oreo Football uniform, throwing a pass. I was impressed by the quality of these, as the illustrations on the cookies had lines that were crisp and the didn't suffer from scuffing as the original Football Oreos did. As for taste, they predictably were the same as regular Oreos. But the football shape was more fun to eat, plus great for dipping into milk.

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Aroma: Normal Oreos smell.

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From the package

"New football shape! Same great taste!" ... "Limited Edition"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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