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Dare Pumpkin Spice Premium Crème Filled Cookies

Dare Pumpkin Spice Premium Crème Filled Cookies

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Taste test: This box contained 15 sandwich cookies, arranged on a tray into three rows of five each. Each one was round, with one side displaying the Dare logo in the center, while the other side had a round hole in the middle instead, with sort of a flower-like design emanating out from the center in both cases. The cookies had a typical butter cookie color, and the filling looked almost like peanut butter. Each sandwich was quite a bit bigger than an Oreo.

I bit in to find a crumbly crunch from the cookies and a nice creamy feel from the filling. The taste was fairly typical of pumpkin spice cookies, which is to say it was tasty and good.

Aroma: Good pumpkin spice smell.

Manufacturer: Dare Foods

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From the package: "Product of Canada" ... "Partially produced with genetic engineering"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Christmas Tree Shops. Review published .

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