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Chewy Chips Ahoy! Oreo Crème Filled

Chewy Chips Ahoy! Oreo Crème Filled

Taste: This version of Chips Ahoy promised a layer of Oreo creme filling within the chocolate chip cookie. After not resisting the temptation for a similar product promising a caramel layer and being disappointed, plus getting a friend's tip about these not having enough creme, I very reluctantly bought some.

Initial impressions were not good, as the feel of the intentionally soft cookies was weird — the surfaces were so soft that they felt almost like cookie dough. We want soft, but just on the inside! But when I bit in, I was surprised and impressed that the cookies largely delivered on the Oreo creme promise. In about half of the cookies, I could actually taste the creme filling, and it did remind me of Oreos. The other ones did not have enough of that filling to really matter. I guess my expectations were fairly low here, since I was impressed by having half of the cookies taste the way they were supposed to, but as special-edition Chips Ahoy go, that's better than usual. But really, they should have had more consistency of creme filling — and more of it — to make this a quality product.

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Aroma: Way more like Chips Ahoy than Oreos.

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"Crammed with crème filling!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Star Market (formerly Shaws, and Star Market again before that), Porter Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Review published .

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