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Cheez Waffies

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Taste: These waffle-like wafer sandwiches contain a bright orange cheese in between them. The cheese taste is a bit strong for most people's tastes, but I must admit that the taste sort of grows on you. They're really not that bad. Another opinion: Kind of gross. I like the outside cracker taste, but the cheez whiz inside is awful. Leaves a horrible taste in your mouth well after you've finished it. Need to clean palate with beverage afterwords.

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Aroma: Pretty good. Even those who didn't like the taste liked the smell.

Cheez Waffies

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Wise Foods Inc.

From the package

Note that these aren't "Cheez Waffles" but rather "Cheese Waffies" ... "For Cheese Lovers Only! With so much cheezy flavor in every bite, Wise cheese waffies® are for serious cheese lovers. The zesty cheese you crave is sandwiched between two crispy waffle wafers, so each mouthful is the ultimate blend of cheese and crunch! Wise cheez waffies® Get Cheezed!"

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa.

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