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Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods Snack Box to Go! Traditional Hummus Veggie Chips

Wild Garden Mediterranean Foods Snack Box to Go! Traditional Hummus Veggie Chips

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Taste test: This box contained the same tube of hummus as the Hummus & Crackers box, but instead of crackers there was a bag of The Daily Crave Veggie Chips. That small bag had fairly standard tricolor veggie chips, and quite a lot of them for such a small bag — more than could reasonably be used to scoop up the amount of hummus provided. But at least until I ran out of hummus, the chips worked well for scooping it up. The hummus tasted very good, but there was a small problem when I ripped open the tube this time. Some watery stuff poured out initially, making a small mess.

Aroma: Strong hummus smell.

Manufacturer: ZBI

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From the package: "For centuries, the culture of the Mediterranean region has valued flavor and wholesome goodness in its foods. Wild Garden understands how important healthy, flavorful foods are to you and your family. What's more, the Snack Box to Go! you're holding makes it possible for active, health-conscious people to enjoy our distinctive foods." ... "The Daily Crave®"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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