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Utz Potato Chips

Utz Potato Chips

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Taste test: These were good potato chips, with a good potato taste, not too much salt and an average crunch. Some of the chips looked burnt, but they tasted the same as the others, so it's probably just a darker part of the potato.

Aroma: A good potatoey smell.

Manufacturer: Utz Quality Foods, Inc.

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From the package: "In recent years, sodium has become a health issue for some consumers. Long before that, Bill and Salle Utz believed that if a basic potato chip had good flavor, a little salt would enhance that flavor while a lot of salt would destroy it. The almost 75-year-old recipe you receive in this package is a time-tested standard in the potato chip industry, which also just happens tohave the lowest sodium among all leading chip brands. We have never advertised that fact, but thought those who are concerned about sodium intake would want to know."

This snack was discovered by Keith.

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