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Tocíneta Sabor Limón

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Taste: This bag contained somewhat puffy snacks that loosely resembled bacon, complete with stripes. Actually, the stripes were the most bacon-like part of the appearance, as the pieces were quite a bit thicker than bacon and had a much less irregular appearance than pieces of freshly fried bacon do.

We crunched in to find an excellent crispness, light feel and light crunch, with a slight lime flavor mixed in with a bacon-like taste. The lime altered the bacon taste a bit, but I think even without the lime, it didn't capture a lot of the smokiness or greasiness of a real bacon flavor, though it still had a minor essence of bacon and tasted pretty good.

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Aroma: Just the slightest, slightest smoky bacon smell.

Tocíneta Sabor Limón

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Pronal S.A. La Niña (Colombia)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Helados Juli's Frozen Dessert, East Boston. Review published .

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