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Tim's Cascade Style Coney Island Potato Chips

Tim's Cascade Style Coney Island Potato Chips

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Taste test: These potato chips looked much like the plain Tim's chips, with thick cut chips, wiggly shapes and many folded-over chips. There was a subtle yellow glow in places, but otherwise we didn't see much evidence of special seasoning. As for those wiggles and folds, we even found one piece that appeared to be a folded-over triple chip. It was very crunchy!

The back of the bag explained that Coney Island was referring to the taste of hot dogs, plus they had some hot dog art on the front, so we were expecting a nice hot dog flavor from one of our favorite chip companies. We've previously reviewed hot dog chips from Herr's, Shearer's and 7-Eleven, and they delivered flavors that tasted a lot like hot dogs loaded with various condiments. These chips delivered the great crunch and excellent potato taste that we expect from Tim's, but the hot dog flavor was much, much more subtle. There was just a slight hint of a grilled meat taste, and an equally small hint of mustard, so we were underwhelmed by the Coney Island aspect. Still, the potato chips were quite tasty.

Aroma: Not much like mustard, though maybe a hint — mostly, like good regular potato chips.

Manufacturer: Tim's Cascade Snacks

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From the package: "Special batch #2" ... "Made in the great Pacific Northwest" ... "Dijon mustard" ... "Gluten free" ... "As part of our 30th Anniversary, we are celebrating with some of our fan favorites from the past. One of our first Special Batch creations is a throwback to one of our original flavors: Coney Island flavored chips. We have recreated that 'on the boardwalk' hotdog taste in our famous Cascade Style chips. These Big and Bold chips taste like those famous hotdogs with just the right balance of mustardy zing."

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