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Terra Lemon Pepper Kettle Cooked Unsalted Potato Chips

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Taste: It was tough to get this bag open, but once I did, there were many large, unbroken chips inside, filling a major portion of the bag. The problem was the upon biting in, there was very little lemon flavor, and possibly no pepper flavor at all. For a no-salt chip, that can be a problem. A minority of tasters liked these a lot, but most thought that the taste was high on the blandness scale

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Aroma: Mild baked potato sort of smell, but no lemon or pepper that I coukld notice.

Terra Lemon Pepper Kettle Cooked Unsalted Potato Chips

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From the package

"No Trans Fat" ... "Leave it to Terra®, the inovators who brought you the revolutionary Exotic Vegetable Chips, to bring you another groundbreaking snack – the first ever line of all natural Unsalted Potato Chips with full-fledged flavor! You'll get all of the taste that you crave but none of the guilt since these exciting kettle cooked chips have 90% less sodium than regular potato chips."

This snack was discovered by Keith at Whole Foods Market (formerly Bread & Circus). Review published .

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