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Terra Sweets Medley Hint of Cinnamon

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Taste: This bag combined chips from three different kinds of sweet potatoes, two of which I had heard of (orange and purple) and one of which (Cuban) I'd heard of under the name "batata" but hadn't realized it's a sweet potato too. I opened the to find that it was filled less than halfway with the three kinds of chips, with many large, unbroken ones near the top and plenty of color contrast to distinguish the three kinds. I tried the orange ones first and found a very solid crunch, more solid than I would expect from an orange sweet potato, with a just hint of cinnamon, but enough of it to change the flavor quite a bit. Since the texture was crunchier and less crumbly than expected, I tried another orange one and found it was closer to the expected texture. Next up, a purple one: Crunchy and somewhat crumbly, with a good helping of cinnamon sugar too. The off-white Cuban ones were the crunchiest of all, and they were also tasty, with the cinnamon very noticeable. The tastes were all good and the variety of textures nice, but I wish they had offered these without the cinnamon, as it made it harder to taste the sweet potato and to appreciate the differences between the different kinds. We've never thought that sweet potato chips need extra flavoring to taste good!

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Aroma: Regular sweet potato smell. Strong. Nice.

Terra Sweets Medley Hint of Cinnamon


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From the package

"A Blend of Orange, Purple & Cuban Sweet Potatoes" ... "Gluten Free" ... "Orange Sweet Potato — A distinct variety of the Ipomoea Batata, these potatoes deliver a glorious late summer orange" ... "Purple Sweet Potato — Deliciously purple from its skin to its core, purple sweet potatoes get their distinct color from anthocyanin, a flavonoid found in abundance in sweet potato." ... "Batata — Also known as Cuban Sweet Potato, this sweet potato exhibits a white to light yellow color when cooked. These white flesh sweet potatoes contain a sweetness and crispness that has been enjoyed in the U.S. and Caribbean for centuries."

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