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Tasto Salt and Sour Flavored Potato Chips Flat Cut

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Taste: These potato chips from Thailand came in a Netherlands-themed, bag, with the word "Netherlands" at the top and a picture that included three windmills. Those details aside, I'm not sure what these chips had to do with the Netherlands. The chips looked like ordinary potato chips, with a pale yellow color, some exposed skin on just a few of the chips, and just a little bit of some sort of light-colored powder on the surfaces. I crunched in to find that the chips were not particularly salty or sour, but really more subtly sweet, with probably some salt also to bring out the potato flavor. Very tasty. Good chips.

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Aroma: Very mild potato smell.

Tasto Salt and Sour Flavored Potato Chips Flat Cut

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Berli Jucker Foods Ltd. (Thailand)

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