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Takis Fuego

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Taste: These smallish, tube shaped snacks were basically tightly rolled mini-tortillas, kind of like taquitos, except that they were hollow inside. They were about as bright red as red can possibly be.

After crunching in, it was clear that the insides of the corn-based snacks were light yellow, and all the red came from the considerable amount of seasoning powder applied on the exterior. On the first bite, it was quite tasty and tangy, with lots of hot peppers and lime. After that, the Takis very much lived up to their "fuego" (fire) label as the heat really kicked in. One of our tasters was overwhelmed by the heat after just one bite (about a third of the taki in this case) but he did eventually finish it. The tube shape worked well for dipping into something to counterbalance the heat. (I used some hummus.) A great one for hot sauce fans!

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Aroma: Great mix of hot pepper, lime and various spices. Very nice. Wow.

Takis Fuego

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From the package

"hot chili pepper & lime flavored corn snack"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Wal-Mart. Review published .

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