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Stew Leonard's Kettle-Style Potato Chips

Stew Leonard's Kettle-Style Potato Chips

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Taste test: Stew Leonard's fries these chips to order at their stores, packaging them in a clear plastic bag inside a large red can for the customer to carry away. They recommend eating the chips within three days. They shipped us this can via UPS on Tuesday, it arrived on Wednesday, and we ate in on Thursday, sharing it with a large group of snackers/runners at a road race. Upon opening the can, we were stunned by the size of some of the chips. They weren't just big; they were ginormous, the largest potato chips we've ever seen, bar none. It looked like they took extra-large potatoes and then cut them lengthwise. Even more impressive than the size of the chips was the taste. They were made with Russet potatoes, and the combination of kettle cooking and freshness gave the brownish chips a great crispness that really brought out a delicious potato taste, helped along by a generous amount of salt. Our tasters had high praise for the chips, and we ate our way through the whole can in very short order.

Aroma: Nice baked potato smell.

Manufacturer: Stew Leonard's

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Trivia: Stew Leonard's sells an 8-oz can of chips for $3.99.

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