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Skinnygirl Salsa Verde Ancient Grain Tortilla Chips made with Quinoa

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Taste: These tortilla chips had generally a yellow-beige color, and the surfaces included lots of light-colored seasoning, plus there were some black seeds embedded inside. The triangular chips were comparable to Doritos in shape and size. We crunched in to find a good crispness and soft crunch, a little less crisp and less crunchy than Doritos, so not as good as Doritos in the texture department, but still a pretty good feel. The highlight here was the taste, as the chips were quite flavorful, with lots of peppers and onions, plus some garlic in the mix too. These were definitely the kind of tortilla chips that don't need to be dipped into anything to be tasty. If you want something cool to balance out the garlic and mild heat, sour cream work work great with this flavor!

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Aroma: Zesty mix of peppers and spices. Nice!

Skinnygirl Salsa Verde Ancient Grain Tortilla Chips made with Quinoa

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"Some flavors are just meant to be together. There's something about the perfect blend of crushed bell peppers, green chiles and hot jalapeños sprinkled onto a crunchy grain and quinoa corn chip. Enjoy straight from the bag or enjoy with friends."

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