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Pringles Salsa de Chile Habanero

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Taste: This limited edition of Pringles had lots of red seasoning on the surfaces of the crisps, and the promise of a habanero flavor had me very interested in whether Pringles would deliver some serious heat. I crunched in to find a good intense salsa taste, with probably some habanero flavor too, but only mildly hot at first. Soon thereafter, the habanero truly arrived as the serious heat struck, hot enough at times to clear the sinuses and kick off some coughing. Our tasters were impressed as they crunched on these while enjoying some beer. Definitely plan to have a cold beverage with these.

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Aroma: A bit like hot salsa, but not super strong.

Pringles Salsa de Chile Habanero

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Wal-Mart. Review published .

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