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Pringles Bacon

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Taste: For years, we've seen Pringles dance around a simple Bacon flavor, with Bacon Ranch, Bacon & Cheese Potato, Jalapeño Bacon, Smoky Bacon and even a Loaded Baked Potato that included a good share of bacon. But this this was the first time we saw the famous maker of identically shaped potato crisps in a can put out a flavor that promised nothing but bacon.

The chips had just a light smattering of fine seasoning powder visible, much of it black, which isn't typical for bacon snacks. We crunched in to find a reasonably bacon-like taste, but not a spot-on one, as it captured a good amount of the bacon grease taste but not enough of the smoke. That actually made a lot sense, considering that Smoky Bacon was one of those previous flavors. Some tasters compared the taste to fake bacon products like Baco's (but in a good way). One of the tasters was toddler Olivia, who didn't say much but seemed to be enjoying the crisps quite a lot as she ate several very thick stacks of them.

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Aroma: Pretty good bacon smell. Not really like you're cooking bacon, but it did have some bacon hints.

Pringles Bacon

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"Exclusive flavor!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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