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President's Choice Spicy Piri Piri

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Taste: These wide-rippled potato chips promised a "fiery-hot seasoning" but the seasoning we could see didn't look particularly orange or red. We crunched in to find that these were very tasty chips with a great mix of spices that was somewhat barbecue-like, with a middling heat at first. The real heat hit mainly in the aftertaste, as the hot sauce burned in the back of the throat, and the heat lingered long after the chips were eaten. As with other President's Choice chips, the texture was excellent, with good crunch and crispness that help bring out the flavor. Praise also goes to President's Choice for the inclusion of a Ziploc-style closing mechanism in the bag (a rarity among potato chip bags) to help keep these fresh on a humid summer day.

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Aroma: Mild mix of potato and hot sauce.

President's Choice Spicy Piri Piri

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From the package

"Improved! Amélioré! Bag Now Resealable. Sac maintenant refermable." ... "Crunchy rippled potato chips witha fiety-hot seasoning blend." ... "These tantalizing rippled chips offer crunch with a kick! Not for the faint of palate, they're seasoned with blend of hot, hot, hot peppers and a touch of lemon, inspired by Portugal's famous fiery piri piri sauce."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Baldree's No Frills, Gananoque, Ontario. Review published .

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