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Popchips Chili Limón Tortilla Chips

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Taste: This flavor of the triangular PopChips tortilla chips had a media beige color with lots of dark red seasoning on parts of the somewhat wiggly surfaces, so the chips looked just like the ones pictured on the bag. We crunched in to find lots of good corn flavor, enhanced nicely by the subtle chili pepper and lime seasoning. The feel was sort of light, as the chips were thicker but less dense than conventional tortilla chips like Doritos, but the chips really did taste like tortilla chips. Our snackers were big fans of these, with high praise for the taste.

Shop: Popchips at Amazon.com

Aroma: Very mild lime smell.

Popchips Chili Limón Tortilla Chips


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From the package

"We don't mess with tradition. We start with stoneground masa, the same whole grain used to make traditional tortillas. We add a little heat and pressure to pop our chips, and then top them off with the finest all-natural seasonings for tortilla chips so tasty and crispy you won't even notice they're (we hesitate to say) healthier."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Market Basket. Review published .

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