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Old Dutch Rip-L Low Sodium Potato Chips

Old Dutch Rip-L Low Sodium Potato Chips

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Taste test: These wide-rippled potato chips were cut thick and had a bright yellow color, with many bits of skin around the edges. There were some fairly large chips nearly the top of the bag. Usually low-salt chips lack flavor on the first bite but grow more flavorful after eating multiple chips, as the salt has an additive effect. I noticed sort of the opposite thing here, as there was a good soft, crisp crunch and a pretty good potato taste when I first bit in to a chip, but the flavor weakened as I continued to crunch. Perhaps this was because the chips were so thick that there wasn't enough salt to go with all of that potato. Still, after eating a few chips, there a nice potato taste, definitely less over flavor than a saltier chip, but you could taste the potato, not bad at all.

Aroma: Good potato smell.

Manufacturer: Old Dutch Foods Inc.

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From the package: "Who is Old Dutch Foods today? An active partner in your busy life, bringing you, your family and friends the snacks you love. We're proud to say that quality lives here, within each and every one of our products."

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