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Off the Cob Chips Sea Salt

Off the Cob Chips Sea Salt

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Taste test: It wasn't obvious the stuff on the front of the bag what this snack was going to be from, but the bag contained tortilla chips, though somewhat unconventional ones. The round chips had a somewhat mustardy yellow color, with wiggly surfaces that had occasional bubble bumps.

I crunched into find a very brittle crunch and a moist feel that was very unusual for tortilla chips. The bag promised a sweet corn taste that would distinguish these from other tortilla chips, and indeed there was, as the it combined with the salt for a sweet-and-salty flavor. Definitely a change from what we've come to expect from tortilla chips, and a pretty good taste.

Aroma: Kind of weird. Not your typical tortilla chips smell.

Manufacturer: Sweet Corn Tortilla Chips, Inc.

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From the package: "Made with Sweet Corn" ... "Non GMO" ... "Gluten free" ... "Every summer for the past 50 years my family has been farming sweet corn in Ithaca, NY. Sweet corn is one of the great treats of summer. Simply boiled with butter, tender ears are a delicious, and nutritious snack. Picked when its kernels are soft and sweet, Sweet corn gives our tortilla chips a lighter and sweeter, corn on the cob flavor!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at 7-Eleven. Review published .

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