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Mystic Chips Gourmet Dark Russet Potato Chips

Mystic Chips Gourmet Dark Russet Potato Chips

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Taste test: These russet chips were quite good, with a great crisp texture and delicious taste. The colors ranged from chip to chip, and even within each chip, from dark yellow to brown. Many of the chips were wiggly and in some cases, folded over. The chips were crunchy but had a light feel, and the high level of crispness was impressive. Despite not having any special seasoning on them, the chips were fully loaded with flavor, just exploding with great Russet potato taste. A winner from Utz.

Aroma: Nice Russet chips smell, maybe even a little sweet.

Manufacturer: Utz Quality Foods, Inc.

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From the package: "Mystic Chips® proudly introduces the Dark Russet Potato Chip. Ever since the invention of the potato chip in 1853 by George Crum, a Native American, people have been trying to reinvent this ageless potato treat in countless varieties of shape, flavor and crunch. This time, however, we know you'll love our contribution to snacking history. Our special variety of Russet Potato, precisely sliced and kettle cooked in 100% pure peanut oil, is transformed into a hearty-flavored, dark potato chip. The Mystic Chips® Dark Russet isn't dark and robust because of burning or overcooking, but from the natural carmelization of sugars in the Russet Potato."

This snack was discovered by Bill Smith. Review published .

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