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Mirch Masala Tum Tum

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Taste: These snacks looked kind of like mini-churros, much like the ones pictured on the bag, except a bit darker. We love churros, and indeed, everybody loves churros. Unfortunately, looks didn't mean much in this case, as the actual snacks were nothing at all like churros. The crunch was soft, and the texture was kind of chalk-like, with an immediate hit of heat and many spices upon crunching in. And also unlike churros, these were not good. We shared them with many snackers and got some of the most negative reactions we've ever heard. A few people hated the initial taste but kind of liked the aftertaste, while most thought the whole experience was just terrible. We did find some people who actually liked them.

If you think you're an adventurous eater willing to try anything, make these your next challenge! (If you like hot Indian spices but don't want to take such a risk, get some Mirch Masala Peanut Bhujia.)

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Aroma: Fairly mild mix of Indian spices.

Mirch Masala Tum Tum

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From the package

"Extra-hot chick pea noodles" ... "Tasty • Delicious • Crispy" ... "Product of USA"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Shalimar India Food & Spices, Central Square, Cambridge. Review published .

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