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Mercey Springs Beetroot Chips

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Taste: This transparent bag contained chips that had a deep, dark purple color, so they certainly looked like beets. Although we hoped they might be from Dwight Schrute's beet farm in Pennsylvania, we suspect they were grown near the fruit stand in central California where they were purchased. A closer look at the chips revealed some variation in the shades of purple, with brighter and darker areas, and we also could see a sparse coating of small grains of salt. We crunched in to find that the chips were cut fairly thick but had a light feel and excellent crispness, with a nice crunch. They were also quite tasty — mildly sweet and only a little fruity, with a hint of salt balancing things a bit. One of the best true vegetable chips we've ever eaten!

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Aroma: Kind of sweet.

Mercey Springs Beetroot Chips

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Mercey Springs Produce

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From the package

"Ing Beetroot Non Hydrogenated Canola Oil Dextrin Sea Salt"

This snack was discovered by Judy and Lee at Mercey Springs. Review published .

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