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Marks & Spencer Handcooked Crisps Red Leicester & Spring Onion

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Taste: This smallish bag contained surprisingly large chips, with the chip on top measuring nearly four inches long. There were also a lot of chips in the bag. Each chip had a rich texture with a variety of shades of yellow and orange. The chips were generally fairly flat, but one was folded over and some had some mild wiggle to them. The chips were cur fairly thick and had a lot of crunch. The cheese and onion flavoring was mild (as most cheese and onion flavorings are) but quite tasty.

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Aroma: Fresh onion and cheese smell.

Marks & Spencer Handcooked Crisps Red Leicester & Spring Onion

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Marks & Spencer plc (United Kingdom)

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From the package

"made with sunflower oil" ... "made in norfolk" ... "disposal currently non-recyclable bag" ... "Look behind the label: We believe passionately in god food ... so we promise that we only ever use free range eggs and non-genetically modified ingredients in all our foods. We never use any hydrogenated fats or any unnecessary additives, including MSG."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in London. Review published .

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